Our Story

The scraggly man to the left is me,  Brian. I'm the founder and spend most my time blending your oils and balms, packing them up and sealing them with a wax stamp. I guess I do the donkey work really. But I love it. 
The equally scraggly person on the right is Aurelija, our marketing manager. She's got some savvy business skills and knows how to use social media. Together we manage to run a company.
You might be wondering how this adventure got started? Or maybe not. However because we like stories, here's ours.
In my early twenties I read a book called Shackleton's Boat Journey, a first hand account of Ernest Shackleton's remarkable 1914 voyage to the South Pole. Although the book itself was small, the story was truly epic. Adventure, disaster, hope and rescue, it read like a work of fiction...but it was all true. Perhaps the only thing more remarkable than the adventure itself  was Shackleton's optimism and strength of character.
I had this firmly in mind when I decided to channel my inner adventurer and embark into the unknown, beard care. After trying various different products, it became clear that beard care brands were....boring. Most companies used similar ingredients and exuded a stiff corporate image. Quite simply, there was a lack of character. And so the Endurance Beard Company was born.
I spent months learning the craft of blending oils. My evenings were spent sourcing the finest organic ingredients, mixing, pouring and balancing like an obsessed alchemist, until I developed a set of beard oils and balms I was proud of. The Shackleton collection. 
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