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The Great Beard Revolution

Since the dawn of the beard revolution in 2011, fashionistas and social commentators have been predicting the decline...

A lazy man’s guide to better skin

Have you noticed that some of us are better at looking after their skin than others? I was well into my twenties befo...

How to prevent ingrown hairs, spots and a trip to the doctors office

My beard is on the short side (less than one centimeter). I tend to keep it this length by trimming it every week wit...

How to deal with dry skin under your beard

At some point on your bearded journey, your sebaceous glands, will struggle to produce enough natural oil (sebum) to ...

3 reasons why your next beard balm should contain unrefined Shea Butter

The key ingredient in most beard balms is butter, usually shea, cocoa or mango. These ‘heavy’ ingredients are normall...

Beard Oil or Beard Balm. What's the difference?

Beard oil or Beard Balm? If you’ve started growing a beard you’ve probably considered these two products at some poin...
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