How to deal with dry skin under your beard

At some point on your bearded journey, your sebaceous glands, will struggle to produce enough natural oil (sebum) to meet the needs of your facial follicles. This leads to dryness, itching and split ends. One month into my own bearded journey, I was hit bad. My skin was itchy and flaky. After an intensive online search and weeks of trialing different products and routines, I found the following steps put a stop my dryness. 


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  1. Washing it properly!

Pretty obvious right? Surprisingly, I was doing this wrong.  If you’re currently washing your beard with normal hair shampoo....STOP. Head and shoulders (and other mass produced shampoos) are basically like paint stripper for the natural oils produced by your skin. Sure these products clean your beard, but they also dry and irritate the skin further. The skin under your beard is a sensitive area, so choose a shampoo or soap that is specifically made to be used in this region. Beard wash and beard soap are gentle on the skin and work with your natural oils.


  1. Moisturising daily

Washing properly is a good start, but it won’t be enough to get rid of the dryness. This is where beard oil comes in. Beard oils are now part of my daily routine. They are made specifically to moisturise and hydrate the skin beneath the beard. The added benefit of course is that oils tend to soften your beard and smell great too.  There is a lot of choice out there though, so make sure you do some homework on the right oils for you. Beware of your $1 oils, as they tend to be mass produced and the quality of ingredients will be questionable. Higher quality beard oils may be a bit more expensive but they contain carrier oils like Jojoba, Argan and Sweet almond oil, which have amazing skin benefits.  


  1. Sticking to a routine

Now that you’ve managed to soothe the dry skin under your beard, it’s vital to keep up the good work. Regularly washing and moisturising your beard will help prevent the problem occurring again in the future. A good ‘basic’ routine is to wash your beard twice a week with a beard wash or beard shampoo, then moisturise daily with a beard oil or beard balm of your choice. If you combine these steps with a healthy lifestyle (exercising and hydration), your skin will return to top shape in no time.


Hope this article helps guys! I’d love to hear about your beardcare routines and how you personally combat dryness under your beard. Feel free to comment below.

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